“I severely injured my neck, upper back, and right shoulder while cliff jumping at Lake Powell. The pain was excruciating, it was so bad it hurt to lie down in my bed. I had to sleep propped up on my couch for weeks. Before I made it Gold Coast Chiropractic Center and Dr. Melendez, I went to a different doctor who only made things worse. He started working on me ‘cold turkey’ and started adjusting me without any x-ray analysis or anything. It was not a good experience! Out of desperation I went on Yelp and found Gold Coast Chiropractic and Drs Melendez.
I had recently joined the Army National Guard prior to injuring my neck and back. I was scheduled to ship out to basic training at the beginning of August 2016. I was almost certain that there was no possibility for me to be able to ship out on time. I could not run or even do one pushup because of the pain until… Drs David and Lorraine worked their magic on me, getting me feeling and functioning better than ever. Not only was a able to ship out in time for training but I went on to excel at Army Basic Training.
Since my improvements, my co-workers like me once again because I’m so much happier and pleasant to be around instead of grumpy and in pain all the time. It had been two months without any sports or activities; now I play soccer three times per week and basketball once per week since coming to Gold Coast Chiropractic. Not being in constant pain and regaining my health once again, has helped me deal with the stresses of life that used to affect me in a negative way. Now my emotions are more easily controlled and feel the equivalent of relaxing on the beach. I’m now able to continue to be active again and do the things that I enjoy with rapid recovery from hard workouts once again.
Thank you!”

Sharleen A.