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Severely Injured Neck cliff jumping!

In June of 2016 I severely injured my neck, upper back, and right shoulder while cliff jumping at Lake Powell. The pain was excruciating, it was so bad it hurt to lie down in my bed. I had to sleep propped up on my couch for weeks. Before I made it Gold Coast Chiropractic Center and Dr. Melendez, I went to a different doctor who only made things worse. He started working on me ‘cold turkey' and started adjusting me without any x-ray analysis or anything.

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Herniated disc healed, surfing once again!

I first came to see Dr. Melendez in September 2016 after blowing my back out golfing. I was referred to Gold Coast Chiropractic Center by another doctor from Escondido. My back was bad when I first came for help, unable to surf, extreme difficulty walking, working and living. An MRI of my spine confirmed that I had herniated and bulged my lumbar disc at L4-L5, which was pressing on the nerve causing lots of pain.

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From chronic pain & disability to high performance & longevity!

"…I finally came in for help after my back and leg pain got so bad that I could not stand for very long without having pain shoot down my leg."

I came to see Dr. David in April of 2016, a year after my wife met the doctor at a community fair in Solana Beach and brought his card home. It took a while but I finally came in for help after my back and leg pain got so bad that I could not stand for very long without having pain shoot down my leg.

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Set Free from chronic migraine headaches and dangerous medications!

"I've been able to go off all of my medications and have not had a headache in weeks."

I had been suffering from daily chronic migraines for many years. My mom's coworker and friend, Carla, heard about my plight and recommended that I see Dr. Melendez for help. Carla was already a patient of the doctors, having experienced her own healing success. My parents were skeptical because I had tried another chiropractor in the past without seeing much benefit.

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Set free from debilitating low back pain, returned to golf!

"…I felt like golf was being taken away from me…"

I first learned of the doctors at Gold Coast Chiropractic Center from my wife who attended a BNI group with Dr. Lorraine. At the time, I was having horrible lower back pain, beginning in July 2015. I suffered with it for a few months, hoping it would go away but it just seemed to persist and get worse. After much agony, I finally sought help at Gold Coast.

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Set Free from constant sinus congestion and medications!

"…constant sinus pressure and couldn't breathe through my nose…"

I first became aware of Drs Melendez and Gold Coast Chiropractic from a church friend and patient, Debbie D., who highly recommended I go in and get help for some chronic health issues. I had constant sinus pressure and couldn't breathe through my nose for the longest time. My chronic sinusitis with the constant pressure and congestion was taking a toll. I tried nasal sprays, antibiotics, allergy treatments, etc.

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