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Herniated disc healed, surfing once again!

Herniated disc healed, surfing once again!I first came to see Dr. Melendez in September 2016 after blowing my back out golfing. I was referred to Gold Coast Chiropractic Center by another doctor from Escondido. My back was bad when I first came for help, unable to surf, extreme difficulty walking, working and living. An MRI of my spine confirmed that I had herniated and bulged my lumbar disc at L4-L5, which was pressing on the nerve causing lots of pain. I was pretty bummed and after months of another type of chiropractic care, it continued to get worse.
The tipping point came after I went on a surf trip to Pasquales in mainland Mexico with friends and had an awful and painful time! Not only was I in horrible pain the entire time, but I could not surf at all. I missed out on all the good waves because of my disc injury. I knew something had to change so I decided to try something different.
I started on a spinal corrective plan at Gold Coast Chiropractic which included chiropractic adjustments, decompression (SRT) and rehabilitation with home exercises to fix my spine. Since starting care I feel so much better, drastically improved, and finally I am once again beginning to do the things I love, even surfing for the first time in many months, so stoked! My pain and disability has completely healed. The past days of despair and worry are now just a memory. I feel happy again and can go back to living my life with a new outlook.
Thank you,
Anthony B.

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