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Daily Headaches and Frequent Migraines!

Daily Headaches and Frequent Migraines!I had regular headaches, almost daily with frequent migraines of at least 2 times per week as well. I was constantly popping Ibuprofen and Excedrin Migraine medications for so long that eventually their effectiveness wore off and only slightly lessened the pain. Even knowing the damage I was doing to my kidneys and liver from my daily pill dose, I still chose to pop these pills just so I could do life. When the pills started lose their effectiveness I had to make the decision to start the prescription for Imitrex.
My chiropractor in Colorado referred me to Drs Melendez (Pettibon technique), when we relocated to San Diego. I got my first adjustment with Dr. Melendez on May 11, 2016. I felt immediate relief!! It was as amazing and miraculous as hearing angels sing!!
When you are constant pain, life totally stinks! Even daily routines can become unbearable or impossible. When your head is pounding the last thing you want to be doing is bending down to get clean clothes out of your washer to put them into your dryer. And what's for dinner? Who in the world wants to even think about what to cook, much less cook it when you feel like someone has put a jack hammer to your head? What about simply walking down or upstairs when you have that splitting headache and it feels like your head is about to split open with each step. All you want to do is sleep when you're in pain but you can't sleep because of the pain. It becomes a vicious cycle of frustration, irritability, depression, stress, exhaustion and pain. And that's just how it affects you, but what about your spouse and children, your family? It affects every level of your relationships. Like when you have to constantly decline date nights with your spouse, or BBQ Sundays with your neighbors, or family movie nights because you have another migraine, which gets old fast. The headaches could get so bad that even hearing the person next to you breath was so intense that it would cause excruciating pain making me nauseous!
This is why I thank God for Drs David and Lorraine. Since I've been under their care my life and the lives of my husband and sons, have done a 180 degree turn! I've gone from merely existing in pain to living without pain. Once again I remember what it's like to smile and laugh again. I love our date nights and family nights again, having fun with friends and even doing laundry, well not really the laundry. But I love that I can do it all in one day and still have time to play. I can run my errands and work on my to-do-list. I can even exercise now which helps with stress management. I think the thing I'm most thrilled about is the fact that I can finally sleep for about 4 ½ hours straight! Yes, Dr. Melendez have helped me brake my vicious cycle.
My Heart is filled with gratitude toward them for that. I still have some work to do but I'm thrilled to be going forward pain free. I'm excited to continue to work with the doctors to gain more health and live life more abundantly. As the wise Dr. Dave once said, "Good is the enemy of Great".
Thank you Dr.Dave for helping me accomplish-Great!!!
Tedesa L.

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