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Live 150 Years?

Live 150 Years?Live 150 Years?

A recent article in the March 10, 2013 edition of Mail Online proclaimed the future of anti-aging medicine has arrived with the development of a new pill purported to be 1000 times stronger than the natural occurring antioxidant resveratrol found in a single glass of red wine. This new compound activates an enzyme (SIRT 1) that triggers the DNA repair process. Professor Peter Smith, Dean of Medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia says, "A girl born today could already expect to live to 100 and rather than suffering a long and drawn out decline, we could live a healthy and active life until just before we die." "We just don't want to live longer, we want to live longer well and these DRUGS will help with the regeneration process in the body so people will live well much longer." "I call it an Elixir of Life!" Professor David Sinclair of Harvard University adds, "Aging might not actually be an irreversible condition"; "our bodies have an extraordinary ability to repair themselves"; "our DRUGS can mimic the benefits of diet and exercise..."

Are these bold statements 'pie in the sky' or is there something to them? Well both. I agree with the statements on quality and quantity of life, living longer, active and well while maximizing your body's extraordinary ability to repair and heal itself. It sounds as if these Professors sat in on my new patient workshop last week. The problem is they're mixing a quick fix and outside-in healing fallacy with the principle of inside-out healing and natural health truths. The medical, pharmaceutically driven model of care is always looking for a patentable magic pill to treat and cure but to no avail. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of effective drugs to stimulate or inhibit physiology and save your life like blood pressure medication or nitroglycerine, but as you know these drugs aren't healing anything, once you're on them you're on them for life. I'm all for supplementation with vitamins and antioxidants to enhance ones physiology but supplements are a lot like fertilizer. Granted, fertilizer is good but without water the plant still dies, likewise supplements are good but without proper nerve supply controlling your organs there is little benefit. In addition, if drugs healed the body, then the people who took the most drugs should be the most healed. Unfortunately these patients are usually the most sick. Healing cannot come from outside-in via a pill, but only from inside-out by way of an intangible called life. Only life begets life, non-life begets nothing.

It turns out that this special target enzyme (SIRT 1) that triggers DNA repair is also switched on naturally by caloric restriction and exercise! Yes, it may be enhanced by supplementation, but the principles of health, longevity and life must still be proactively practiced. When researchers have looked at the habits of Centenarians or those that live to 100 years of age, initially the common denominator had been caloric restriction, but with closer inspection it is actually low insulin levels that contribute to increased longevity. Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas which is secreted to uptake dietary sugar (glucose) from your blood stream to run your brain and body. A problem arises when persistent high levels of sugar in the blood causes hyper-insulin secretion until the receptor sites are burned out (insulin resistance) leading to a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. Research shows that chronically high insulin levels are responsible for virtually all the chronic diseases of aging including heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, and of course diabetes.

Often centenarians comment that if they knew they would've lived this long they would have taken better care of themselves. The forecast of your future health can be actively promoted by adopting the health and vitality principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle. How are your Endurance, Strength and Structure (E.S.S.)? Your aerobic and cardiovascular endurance, musculoskeletal strength and proper posture, spinal and structural alignment will determine your future level of independence as you age. When one loses their E.S.S., dependency on others quickly occurs. Having a choice between playing golf or tennis is always preferred over having to choose between an assisted living or full care nursing home. Adopting a lifestyle of aerobic exercise like walking, running or biking with regular weight training maximizes your endurance and strength. Structure controls function. The condition of your posture and spine determines the function of your nervous system which controls all your organs and parts, including your immune system and healing capacity. Combining chiropractic care, posture correction, aerobic exercise, weight training and eating a healthy low glycemic (low sugar and low insulin stimulating) diet is the real 'Elixir of Life', a recipe for superior health and longevity on the cutting edge of anti-aging research. Take charge of your future by doing one thing for your health every day. Develop a style of living that actively works on improving your E.S.S. and start reaping the benefits today. Remember extraordinary health takes extra-ordinary measures!

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